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Summer [Series] Starts in April

Spring has arrived, and that can mean only one thing – it’s time to start planning for summer. Fortunately, TRL has a way of making summer arrive early. That’s right, we simply pick a bunch of Summer Series races that start in the spring… instant summer!

So just what is the Summer Series? The simplest way to describe it is an intra-club competition, where club members earn scores based upon how fast and frequently they compete in a list of selected races. Besides trying to promote some friendly competition among teammates, the goal is to identify some fun local races where you know you will see some people you know (or you can show up and meet some of your fellow club members).

Besides helping you identify races where you can run with your friends in red, the person goal for members participating in the Summer Series is to make the top 10 list. And you can do that based on running fast or running frequently.

There are 2 ways to score:
1. Place. After each race, we will rank member’s based on their finish order. Men and women are scored separately. Scores are awarded where the first finishing Lizard gets 100 point, the final Lizard gets 20, and the point in between are divided by however many show up for that race.

The 5 best scores (out of 10 races) will be totaled at the end of the series. The top 5 scoring men and women will be the overall series winners and will get to select prizes we are currently working to collect for awarding at the end of the series.

2. Participation. A tally is kept of each race members show up for. There are 10 races in this year’s series, so you could aim for a perfect score of 10. Even if you aren’t ranked high based on place at each race, only the top 5 spots in the 10 we award prizes to are based on place – the final 5 places will be based on number of races competed in.

Confused? If an example helps you, check out the thread from last year’s series. And if that doesn’t help, don’t sweat the scoring – we will take care of it. All you need to do is show up for some (or all) of this year’s races. Details about carpooling, post-race lunch, etc. will be posted for each as the events get closer. And there are also discounts for Lizards at several of the events, so check out the official 2018 Summer Series thread for details on those and more.

At this point, the most important thing to do is mark your calendars and plan to join us at the following:

  1. April 7 – Dogwood Dash, 5k, $25
  2. April 14 – Birds of Prey Half Marathon, $30
  3. April 28 – Willamette Mission Trail Challenge, 10k, $30 ($25 with discount)
  4. May 12 – Lake Run 10k, $35 ($30 with discount)
  5. May 28 – Up the Lazy River, 10k, $35 ($25 with discount)
  6. June 16 – Backyard Half, $25
  7. July 8 – Outdoor Sunday Evening 5k, $5
  8. July 28 – Bowerman 5k, $30 ($25 with discount)
  9. August 18 – Bear Creek 10k, $25
  10. Strava Segment – “Willamette Cup” (details coming soon). FREE! Can be run any time between April 7 and August 16.


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