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Summer Series Strava Segment

TRL’s 2018 edition of the Summer Series is underway, and the racing action has been impressive so far. Not only the competition, but also the number of Lizards out for many of the races in this year’s series.

For last year’s series, we added a new kind of “race” to the mix. It is essentially a time trial that you can run any time between now and the final race in the Summer Series (which is in early August). And the tool we use to track everyone’s time on the selected time trial route is Strava.

Many Lizards are already using Strava to track their running and cycling efforts. For those of you who aren’t already using this tool, it is a web based application that tracks your activities, which you can record and upload directly using your phone or other GPS-enabled device, or have your GPS watch sync your activities to. Joining is free and simple – you simply have to visit www.strava.com.

Once you join Strava, be sure to join the Team Red Lizard club. That will be the easiest way to track which members run the Summer Series segment.

Approximate starting point - the 30 mph sign on the Sellwood Bridge

This year’s segment is a 1.00 mile segment that is at the final portion of TRL’s usual Wednesday night pub night route. It begins on the Sellwood Bridge – the exact point is a light post before the “belvedere” (the circular little bump-out viewing point mid-span on the bridge). But I would recommend that you assume the starting point is the 30 mph sign as you head westbound across the bridge.

The route continues west across the bridge, turns right (north) and follows the path down the switchbacks leading to the newer multi-use path along the trolley tracks. Continue following that route into Willamette Park, and when you enter the park, take the path to the left around the field. The route continues out of the park (towards Nevada Street) at the end of that field. The official end point of the segment is before you reach the trolley tracks – so assume that point is the finish line.

Strava segment finish - just before you reach the trolley tracks exiting Willamette Park

For those who don’t use Strava already, the nice thing about using it to track your segment performance is that you don’t need to do anything other than go for a run. It will automatically track any segments you run through, so as long as you know where the start and finish points are for this year’s 1-mile time trial, you can do a pick up in the middle of your run and Strava will record the time it took from the time you hit the start point until the time you reach the finish. So you don’t need to do anything fancy with your watch or phone – just run!


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