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Lizard Holiday Happenings

December has arrived, which means a whole host of fun Lizard events are planned to help celebrate the holiday season. If the following aren’t already on your calendar, it sounds like it might be time to update your calendar.

December 15 – Lizard Ladies Gift Exchange
Similar to a white elephant, red lizards are smaller and more brightly colored. Also, I am pretty sure the ladies buy nice gifts to exchange. But same general concept, picking gifts, stealing them from one another, and enjoying some food and snacks. Event starts at 2pm, and if you are looking for details, Theresa has them posted on facebook (they are in an event posted in the TRL member’s group, so request to join that group if you aren’t already in it).

December 15 – Lizard Gentlemen’s Seasonal Beer Sampling
The same time as the ladies gift exchange (2pm), Darren will be hosting the Lizard men for a holiday beer sampling. The intent is for everyone to bring a different holiday/seasonal beer to share. Just bring one, since there are only so many beers one person is capable of sampling in an afternoon… details about the event can be found in an event Darren created in the TRL members forum on facebook.

December 16 – Great Train Chase
Stacey is keeping the holiday train chasing tradition alive. The run will start on Sunday, Dec 17 at 4pm at the Oaks Amusement Park. From there, the ~10 mile route will have you chasing streetcars, the MAX, and culminating with an epic dual with the Holiday Express train. For route and details, check the event on the Red Lizard Running Community forum on facebook.

December 21 – Peacock Lane Run
End the week on a festive note. Meet at the Downtown Foot Traffic location (333 SW Taylor) at 6pm on Friday, Dec 21. The group will run over to Peacock Lane to take in the lights, then head back to the store for a post-run potluck. A run, lights, and then food and drink… you won’t want to miss out on this annual tradition.

December 31 – Purge & Splurge
Even if running Wildwood from end-to-end is more than you feel like taking on, the tradition of a long run in Forest Park to end the year continues. Purge with some miles on the trail before you splurge with whatever New Years Eve celebration you have in mind. Details will be posted soon, but we typically meet up at the location you plan to finish, carpool out to the Newberry end of Wildwood, and then run back to your car.

Lots going on this holiday season, so be sure to join us for any and all (ok, we will force you to decide on just one of the December 15 events).


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  1. Thanks for having the “purge and splurge.” Tomorrow will be my 3rd running of it. I calculate that if you start at Newburyport and continue onto the ramp for 26 where the Marquam trail goes towards Council Crest you can do a 50k.

    Hope to see others out there. I’ll be starting before daylight.

    Posted by Bruce Swanson | December 30, 2018, 7:06 pm

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