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Stumptown Cross Series is Underway!

Stumptown Cross, Pier Park 2018. Photo by Chris Heinonen

Fall is in the air, and that means it is time for some cross country!

The Stumptown Cross series officially kicked off on September 21 with some fantastic racing action at Lents Park. But this was just the beginning, as we have 5 races in this year’s series, including the USATF state and regional championship races. So expect plenty of great racing action.

This year’s schedule:

  • Race #1: Saturday, September 21st at Lents Park. USATF Oregon 5k Championships. 9am – Women’s 5k & 9:30 – Men’s 5k
  • Race #2: Saturday, October 12th at Mary S. Young State Park. 9am – Women’s 5k; 9:40am Men’s 5k
  • Race #3: Saturday, October 19th at Strawberry Island (in the Gorge!). 9am – Women’s 5k; 9:40am Men’s 5k
  • Race #4: Saturday, November 9th at Pier Park. USATF Oregon XC Championships. 9am – Women’s 6k (course map) & 9:45am – Men’s 8k
  • Race #5: Saturday, November 23rd at Fernhill Park. USATF Regional XC Championships. 9am – Women’s 8k & 9:45am – Men’s 8k

And for those not looking to break any land speed records with their racing, you should certainly not feel discouraged from coming out and racing at whatever pace you are comfortable at. Cross country is all about testing yourself, wherever you place as an individual – but for a lot of people, the fun in cross country is also being part of a team.

Don’t know how the team scoring aspect of cross country works? It is all based on the place of the 4 fastest runners on each team – add up the total of the place they each scored, and the lowest score wins. So when you scroll to the bottom of the results – like the results from Lents Park 5k – you will see scores for full teams that were at the race. When there is only one full team, or when a team has all of their runners in front of the first runner from any other full team, the perfect score is 10. That means runners placed 1, 2, 3 and 4, which equals 10. The more teams, the more competition, and the more fun you can have competing against other people. Since cross country is often not fast; rather, it is all about relative performance to how others run on any given day. And if there is someone from another team right in front of you… well, it’s time to find another gear.

Looking forward to another great series filled with some fun and friendly club competition.

To register, find course maps, or other event details, check out the Stumptown Cross web site.


One Response to “Stumptown Cross Series is Underway!”

  1. Hello. I am signed up for Saturday’s race, and was curious about the route. I live close to Mary S. Young and run there often, and recently have noticed that there are several areas closed off due to construction. Most importantly, the ball fields where I think the start and finish are. I could be wrong, but wanted to point it out. Thanks, and looking forward to Saturday.

    Posted by Dennis Doyle | October 8, 2019, 4:19 pm

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