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TRL Board Elections – Voting Starts December 27

By Kate Gigler

Every two years – per our club’s bylaws – four new officers are elected: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary. These four positions hold a number of significant responsibilities. They nominate a slate of directors to carry out roles related to membership management, apparel, special events, communications and volunteer efforts like pacing. The four officers become signers on the club’s bank account, authorizing expenses and signing checks. They are also listed on our various non profit paperwork with the state of Oregon, and for insurance purposes with Road Runners Club of America. January 15th 2020 is election day; officers will serve until January 2022.

As someone who has participated in a couple of other non profit boards, I can definitively say that the orderly, rhythmic and relatively drama free transition of our officers and directors is remarkable. Historically, Team Red Lizard has an exceptionally stable board of directors, with very little transition between elections. In my opinion, we have lucked out with talented and dedicated leaders, but also have a number of systems in place in the background to ensure that business runs smoothly and is equitably distributed. The individuals who step up to run for officer positions are often experienced in a director role and committed to serving with a very clear understanding of what is involved in the role. What can you do as a member to reinforce this? Vote! Huge voter turnout communicates that members are equally invested in the club’s future.

What do you need to do to fully participate?

Thoroughly read the candidate statements in the Gazette (should arrive in mailboxes by December 27yj). Be an informed voter.

Ensure your membership is current. Only current members can submit ballots.

Click through to the online ballot you will receive in your inbox from ‘Team Red Lizard’ via our elections management system, Election Buddy. Expect this email to arrive on December 27th. Members can also attend the annual members meeting on Wednesday, January 15th at 730PM at the Buffalo Gap and cast your ballot in person.

Here are a few additional tips to ensure your vote is counted:

The online voting window will be from Friday, December 27th – Tuesday, January 14th.

Didn’t renew your membership in time, but still want to vote online? No worries. Email Kate at kategigler@teamredlizard.com and she can send you a ballot.

There will be opportunities to write in the names of other current club members for each officer position.

Happy voting!


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