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2021 Summer Series

Are you ready for some summer racing? With the weather warming up, it’s time to get this year’s Summer Series underway!

The series will be similar to past years. There will be a top ten list for men and women, with the top 5 being based on how members place in the events they run. The next 5 are based on participation – so the more events you race, the higher your rank. Members who do more events stand a better shot at placing better through either method, since one never knows who is going to show up on any given day. Particularly since there are 8 events in the series, and we only take your best 4 scores for place to calculate the results based on rank. So whether you run fast, or run often, the Summer Series is a great way to enjoy some fun intra-club competition.

This year’s series will feature 4 in-person events and 4 virtual events that are based in Strava. For those not comfortable doing an in-person event this year, we will only be scoring the best 4 of the 8 events, so it is still possible to maximize the number of events we use for the rank-based scoring through the virtual events.

The events in this year’s line up:
May 22 Stevenson Loop 10-Miler
May 31-Jun 6 Strava 5k (Iron Gauntlet in LO)
June 14-20 Strava 1 mile (Terwilliger uphill from Duniway)
June 26 Strawberry Fields Forever 10k
July 12-18 Strava Hill Climbing Week
August 1 Bear Creek Trail 10k
August 9-15 Strava 10k (Willamette Blvd)
August 29 SW5K

A few additional notes on the Strava-based events:
1. You need to have your events logged in Strava, and make sure you have joined the Team Red Lizard club in Strava. That is how results will be tabulated
2. The Strava events are all a week-long window. For the 1-mile, 5k and 10k events, you can run the course as often as you want during that week, then your fastest time will be used in the results.
3. For the hill climbing challenge week, all elevation gained during the week will be used to calculated your score. No treadmill runs allowed. 4. If you need more background on Strava, check out the Strava for beginners article

More details will be released about each event as we get closer, but mark those dates on your calendar and we will hope to see some of you at the races this summer (even if some of them will only be virtual).


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