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2021 Portland Marathon Pacing

Different Approach for Different Type of Year

It wasn’t long ago that in-person events were the norm. Of course, more recently in-person events weren’t happening. As of now, most of you know that the 2021 Portland Marathon is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 3rd.

Pacing for the 2021 Portland Marathon is going to include TRL although it will be different than in the past.

Given the late approval of the race, it wasn’t until a little more than a week ago that we had confirmations that Pacers would be in place. With this late notice, we have created a way to maximize TRL members that want to participate while allowing outside Pacers to fill in the time slot gaps.

Bottom-line, I will be the Marathon Pace Coordinator that “approves” each time slot. Therefore, TRL Members that complete the Pacer Application on or before Sept. 4th will be given approved ahead of non TRL Pacers.

Steps to Pacing

1)     Go to the Pacer Application page here

2)     Select the requested Time Slot from the dropdown

3)     Complete the form with Name, Email & Phone

4)     In the [Previous Pacing Experience] section, type “TRL Member”

5)     Complete the balance of the form including the Expo Shift time slot

6)     Click [Submit]

*    Submit before end of the day Sat. Sept. 4th

Brooksee, the company that owns the Portland Marathon, will not be as coordinated as they will be for 2022 (hopefully). There won’t be Pacing shirts, although there will be Pace bands. Note that TRL will not be “branded” as the exclusive pacers for this year, although we can sport our team shirts when we pare.

As the TRL Pace Director with counsel from the TRL Board, we believe this will allow our members to Pace and to ensure that we are secure as the Official Pace Team for 2022 and beyond.


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