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Team Red Lizard (TRL) is a non-profit running club based in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area.

While TRL is a running club, many of our members prefer a flair for the dramatic and enjoy numerous other activities such as mountain climbing, backcountry skiing, adventure races, and Ironman competitions to name a few.

TRL also provides members with opportunities to help others; from working at a local soup kitchen one Saturday each month, to organizing many aspects of the Special Olympics Regional Qualifying meet, and providing runners to lead pace groups for the Portland Marathon, TRL seeks out opportunities to give back to the community.

TRL is managed by a Board of Directors which meets each month (see the message board or email our secretary for location and time). The meetings are open to everyone. TRL’s Bylaws can be read here.

TRL was formed out of the proverbial ashes of Finish Line Sports, a multisport store in Lake Oswego, founded in 1992 by local triathlete Kevin Foreman. Foreman also founded the Finishline Sports Running Club. When Finish Line Sports closed its doors in 1996, the same core group of runners which made up the running club,formed Team Red Lizard and continued on under the tutelage of Foreman as he began putting on numerous races in the area.

In 1997 TRL merged with the Rose City Runners, another Portland area running club, and formed a board of directors to oversee the club’s activities and expenses. At this point Team Red Lizard and Red Lizard Inc became separate entities. TRL being the non-profit running club under the leadership of the board of directors, and Red Lizard Inc., a for-profit organization owned by Foreman.

In 2003, in an effort to eliminate the confusion brought on by 2 organizations of such similar names, Foreman formed X Dog Events and Red Lizard Inc ceased to exist leaving Team Red Lizard, the non-profit organization, to carry on the lizard name.

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