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In addition to our scheduled runs, we have the following activities:

Red Lizard Racing Series

TRL offers members an opportunity to compete against each other for fun and prizes during a series of races each year.

Tour de Goose

The Tour de Goose is a multi-stage running event fashioned after and taking place during the Tour de France (July each year). Runners of all ages and speeds are most welcome. You don’t have to be fast to win! No matter what your running speed, you will have a shot at winning Stages and the whole Tour itself! No kidding. The Tour de Goose is primarily about fun and friendship, with plenty of running involved too. There will be beverages, prizes, awards, and an ending barbeque party. More information.

Stumptown Cross Country Series

Since 2008, TRL has been organizing the local 4 or 5 race cross country racing series in the region – affectionately named Stumptown Cross.  In addition to organizing the series each fall, TRL fields Open and Masters teams for men and women. More information.

Pacing the Portland Marathon

Since 2002 TRL has been the official pacers of the Portland Marathon. In addition, TRL provides the Portland Marathon Mile 24 aid station and provides a booth at the marathon expo. More information.

Special Olympics

TRL volunteers with the Special Olympics by helping to organize and staff the regional qualifying track meet for the Portland area. More information.

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