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SMELT Running

If you live in the right parts of the country, you know of smelt as little fish that run in schools. And while runners may run in groups, most of us aren’t all that fishy. Still, the word SMELT has its uses in training. Training is all about pace. Each workout has a purpose, and [...]

Touring with the H Word

Glacier National Park has 350 grizzly bears. It receives slightly fewer than 2 million human visitors per year. At those odds, most people never see a bear—a statistic that didn’t particularly bother me when my friends Dave, Vera, and I were planning a loaded tour through the park. Bears are big, mean, hungry, and capable [...]

What’s Your Limit?

“What was the limiting factor in your last race?” It’s a question that a lot of people have hear from me, but the first time, it often draws a blank look. The answer might be as simple as motivation. Or heat, or not wanting to aggravate a not-quite-healed injury. If I’m doing a trail race [...]

In Search of Duffer Peak

Old cowhands know it is unwise to follow alarmed cattle into chest-high brush. But I learned it the hard way, midway through a jinxed hike, high in Northern Nevada’s Pine Forest Range. It isn’t that cattle–about 50 in this case–are apt to turn on you like wild beasts. Rather, like birds in flight, they tend [...]

Duniway Dreams: Why Track is for Everyone

Let my start by asserting that I am a track rat. When I’m vacationing in other cities, I hunt up speed groups — partly because I’m looking for ideas to bring home to Duniway, but mostly because I enjoy the camaraderie of the track. I do track only partly to get faster. Mostly I do [...]

Race Director’s Nightmare

“It wouldn’t be a race if something wasn’t screwed-up.” That bit of wisdom was passed on to me after this year’s Teacup Classic cross-country ski race and is something we (hopefully) won’t be saying on March 5 at the Red Lizard 5-miler. Teacup, though, had one of those foul-ups that must cause race directors to [...]

Hill Tactics (Part 1)

Portland is a town of hills; it’s the only town I’ve ever been in where race directors are tempted to refer to things like Rocky Butte as “rolling.” So, with Lake Run on the horizon, let’s talk a bit about hill running. There are two major aspects: technique, and tactics. This post is about technique. [...]

Hill Tactics (Part 2: Racing)

This year, I ran the eighth rotation in the Hood to Coast Relay. For those not familiar with it, it includes the infamous Leg 20, which climbs steeply for a couple of miles, drops a bit, then climbs several hundred more twisty, gravel feet through the Coast Range before dropping a mile-and-a-half to the next [...]

How to Speak Like a Track Rat in Five Easy Minutes

Track is for everyone. But first-timers are often intimidated because, inevitably, the first things they see are the leanest, meanest-looking runners around. And (just as bad) the first things they hear are people tossing off phrases like “three eights and four sixes on two hundred recoveries” as though everyone knows what that means. It’s not [...]

Stop Whining and Pass the Pepper: The Use of Bicycles to Test the Inverse Relationship between Physical Deprivation and Verbal Manifestations of Psychic Discomfort

By Richard A. Lovett, Ph.D. Note: I read scientific journal aritcles for part of my living. That probably inspired part of this bit of weirdness, which I initially wrote for a California cycling magazine. The footnotes are an integral part of the text and may be found at the end. Background Several thousand years ago, [...]

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