// Treasurer – Darren Moore

Email: darren@redlizardrunning.com

Hi! For those who do not know me, I’m the current Treasurer of the TLR club. I moved to the US about 16 years ago from the UK. I came to Portland initially, then spent some time on the east coast – only to miss PDX, and return back here about 5 years ago. At that point I joined the Lizards.

I think my first ‘group’ run was the track work out on Tues night. I’ve always enjoyed a good ‘shake down on a Tues night . From there I joined the crew at the Sunday morning SBUX runs. Recently I’ve been testing these ‘old legs’ out on some cross-country events. My other interests include biking and bike touring, swimming and travel.

I’ve really enjoyed my time with TRL. It is a well organized club that has a lot to offer including labor weekend camping, cross country events and winter trail runs. It’s good to feel part of a community with a common interest. (….even if we are all slightly crazy in our own running way!!). Last year I took on the position of treasurer and with your support, will continue in the same position over the next two years.

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