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Who says distance runners can't jump? Torrey on the Kachina Trail in Arizona

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Running has been something I’ve loved my entire life.  I have great memories of winning ribbons at grade school field days and at summer picnics, but I didn’t officially take up running until my junior year of high school.  I had decided I really wanted to play team sports – baseball and football.  I had fun at both, but I can still recall my high school principal saying one day after I got done running laps around the other baseball players - he told me I should think about turning out for track.  “Baseball is fun, but you might be able to get yourself a scholarship with your running.”

He was right.  I was a pretty good 400 meter runner in high school, and became a decent 800 runner in college.  And while some of my runner friends still joke about me being a half miler, that was half a life ago.  I haven’t run that race since college because I have never wanted to run the risk of not being able to say I’ve never not run an 800 in sub-2:00.  The great thing about never having run a race over that distance in high school or college (with the exception of cross country and some road races) is that I’ve enjoyed a lot of PRs at longer distances during my adult life.

Those that know me know I love the trails.  That might have started with high school and college cross country (which I still love), but I think it was clinched right before I turned 30.  After seeing some photos of the 40-mile long Timberline Trail around Mount Hood, I convinced a friend we should run it the next weekend.  Not the smartest move, since he was fried at 30 miles – but we made it.  Since then, I’ve run around Mt Hood, St Helens, and Mt Adams multiple times, as well as Mt Jefferson and the Three Sisters.  I even did a week-long stage race through the Rockies and ran a couple respectable marathons.  I would still say the Timberline Trail is one of my favorite trails, and I have organized several TRL 3-day run and camp trips there.

I still love running and being involved in the running community.  Having been an active member of this club for more than a decade, and having spent more than a decade on the board of directors (including 4 years as president, 2 as vice president, and the others as Director of Communications), I believe in the mission of the club, love the people I’ve met through this organization, and enjoy spending time and energy working on club activities.

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