// President – Raghav Wusirika

Contact: raghav@redlizardrunning.com

I joined the Red Lizards in 2012 after never having run a single race in my life and never having even tried to run longer than 12 miles at once. I did it largely to find a way to spend some newly found free time and someone else at work was a Red Lizard so she suggested that I join. When I started I thought I might come once a week to the Wednesday run and have drinks afterwards and that would be all. Once I started running more I realized I was actually getting faster and gaining more endurance and instead of looking forward to the beer after the run I was actually looking forward to the run itself.

The club has been a real positive force in my life. I never imagined that I could run a marathon but I’ve done four since joining the club and with the support of a lot of members and their help in training, I qualified for and ran the Boston marathon. One of the things I’ve really valued about the club is that everyone is so supportive and willing to celebrate everyone else’s achievements. It didn’t matter that someone else was at the Olympic trials. She gave me the same high five and congratulations for finishing my first marathon that she would give me if I have run a world class time.

In addition to the running and training, the club does community service events, book clubs and other social events that have made ample good use of my free time. I am excited to be President for a second term and continue to give back to the club since it has given me a senses of accomplishment in something athletic for the first time in my life and the people who make up this club have given me a sense of community and family in Portland that I had wanted since I moved here. I looking forward to making the club as good as it can be and look forward to everyone else’s help and ideas to do so.

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