// Portland Marathon Aid Station

24-Mile Aid Station

Each October during the Portland Marathon, Team Red Lizard organizes and operates the infamous 24-Mile Aid Station. As the name might imply, our aid station is located approximately 24 miles from the marathon start at North Interstate Avenue and North Clark Avenue, 1/4 mile west of the Broadway Bridge.

At this point in the marathon most of the runners and walkers are running low on energy. That’s where we come in. Can you spell HIGH ENERGY? Can you cheer like a maniac and hand out cups of water to thirsty participants while the music is cranking? Then we need you on that wall! We need you on that Aid Station!

Shifts Available:

1st Shift 6:45 am – 10am

2nd Shift 10am – 1pm

3rd Shift 1pm – 3pm

To sign up for this ridiculously fun gig and/or if you have questions, contact Melissa Cox at Melissa@redlizardrunning.com

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