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TRL Board Election Results Are In

A big thank you to everyone who cast a vote in the TRL board elections. Political analysts were impressed with the relatively high voter turnout, even among Millennials The biggest thank you goes to those who are willing to run for a position and help ensure that there is leadership helping ensure that TRL remains [...]

TRL Board Elections and Membership Meeting – Wed, Jan 17

In less than a week, TRL will be electing new board officers to lead the club for the next 2 years. While there is only one contested position – 2 members are running for vice president – there are still plenty of other opportunities for members to get involved with the board. Those who think [...]

TRL Board Elections Coming Up

Were you aware that Team Red Lizard has a board of directors? And if you were aware that we have a board, do you know how the members of that board came to be? The current board is actually quite sizable, with 4 officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer), as well as 8 directors [...]

TRL Board Election Results

For those who haven’t already heard the outcome of the TRL board elections, as of Wednesday, January 20, 2014, we now have 4 new officers in place. While there was only one contested race for the 4 officer positions that TRL members were deciding on, there were still 100 votes cast. That isn’t bad for [...]

Lizard Board Elections This Winter

It isn’t often that the political drama of candidates vying for the U.S. Presidency overlaps with the usual lack of drama that surrounds elections for the TRL board of directors, but that is exactly what is about to happen this fall/winter. And who doesn’t love a lack of drama?!? OK, I suppose there could be [...]

New TRL Board Announced

Lizardonians, Hi! I’m pleased and proud to announce the members of the new 2014-2016 TRL Board: President – Jeff Malmquist VP – Raghav Wusirika Secretary – Elle Davis Treasurer – Dan Bartosz Director of Apparel – Angela Lindbo Director of Membership – Lou Karl Director of Pacing – Tim Swietlik Director of Media/Communications – Torrey [...]

TRL Board Elections

It’s election time for the Team Red Lizard Board. Some of you have already seen the email in your inbox pointing you to the on-line voting site, and all members should find the voter’s pamplet edition of the Gazette in your mailboxes soon. The Gazette contains statements from each of the candidates running for one [...]

TRL Board Elections

By Kristin Cooper Elections for Team Red Lizard Board of Directors will take place in January 2012! If you listen to NPR on your car radio, run on a treadmill at any 24 Hour Fitness or happen to be one of those Portlanders who own a television…you may have noticed there is a lot of [...]

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