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TRL offers group runs and coached workouts to enhance your training goals.


Tuesday nights at Duniway Track, be warmed up and ready for strides at 6:15 PM.

Goose Hill Climb

Every Thursday at 6 PM, from Goose Hollow in SW Portland
~ 1,000 feet in climbing.

Friday Track

A second track workout for the week. Also at Duniway Track at 6:15 PM.

Sunday Long Run

This run will be postponed until the last Sunday of September 2024.

Tuesday Track

Tuesdays, 6:15 PM
3-7 Miles, Synthetic Track

Coached track Workouts happen every Tuesday and Friday night and Saturday mornings at Duniway Track. Plan on arriving early enough to be warmed up and ready for strides with the group at 6:15 sharp. Many runners warm up together on the track or surrounding paths. Come with your own workout plan, or a pick from a selection of weakly workouts provided by coach Rick Lovett.

Goose Hill Climb

Thursdays, 6 PM
6-7 Miles, Roads & Trails

Starts a half-block north of the Goose Hollow Inn, at the corner of SW 19th Ave and SW Madison St. Runners slower than 8:00 per mile start at 6:00. Faster runners start at 6:15, so the two groups converge at the summit. The fall/winter route runs roads up to Council Crest. The spring/summer route takes (mostly) trails to Pittock Mansion.

Friday Track

Fridays, 6:15 PM
3-7 Miles, Synthetic Track

Same basic protocol as Tuesdays, but smaller, more intimate group. Workouts are individualized, based on who shows up and what they need. Perfect for those looking for some individualized coaching.

Sunday Long Run

Sundays, 9 AM
8-12 Miles (with longer Options)

Locations vary, allowing runners to explore different parts of the Metro area each week. The base distance is about 12 miles, but options are available for runnng shorter, or (for those peaking for marathons) up to 20-22 miles. The schedule well in advance here, with additional reminders on the TRL Community Facebook page.