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So, I ran a marathon…

I have to begin with a few apologies. The first is for simply talking about a running accomplishment, since I have [almost] always tried to downplay those as to not seem too egotistical. And I say “almost” since I still remember a friend of mine in high school telling me that she enjoyed hanging out [...]

To Resolve or Not to Resolve?

It’s almost the New Year, so everything is about resolutions. Is it just me, or does this not seem like the best time of year to be claiming you will eat better or exercise more? Who doesn’t say that after eating way too much over the holidays of the past month? I know I already [...]

What defines you as a runner?

At the risk of offending someone, I have to say that I am amused every time I pass a car sporting a sticker declaring that the driver has done a marathon, half marathon, or some other distance. But before you go peeling that sticker off your own car, I had to give a little thought [...]

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