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2019 Tour de Goose. Oh! My! God!

By Jeff Malmquist Mesdames et Messieurs, It’s once again that time of year when TRL descends further into madcap mayhem. (Hah! You didn’t think that possible did you?!) Well, it’s Tour de Goose time and this year…it’s SERIOUS. Tour de Goose has been a Lizard July tradition for over 10 years. It’s modeled after the [...]

2018 Tour de Goose: Let Them Run with Cake!

The Tour de Goose, Team Red Lizard’s long-running tribute to the Tour de France (and all things French and fabulous), is swiftly approaching. From the sheer pandemonium to the polka-dotted jerseys, silliness reigns supreme in Le Tour. You need not be fleet-footed to win points in this series. Puzzle-solving skills, a sense of style, or [...]

Tour de Goose Kicks off July 7

By Kristen Dedeaux Something grand, and delightfully silly, is coming to Lizard Nation this summer, and it’s not General Napoleon in running shorts. It’s the 14th annual Tour de Goose! Loosely inspired by the Tour de France, the Tour de Goose is a multi-stage running event that occurs during July as part of our regular [...]

Tour de Goose – July 9, 14, 16, 23, 24

Who’s ready for some of the most unique “races” that exist in the area? The Tour de Goose has been a Lizard tradition for more than a decade, and it seems like each year, David Hatfield is able to find unique new challenges to mix in with some of the classic stages that have been [...]

Tour de Goose Finale This Week!

It’s hard to believe that July is coming to an end. And along with July coming to an end, that means the 2014 Tour de Goose is also wrapping up. But it’s not too late to get in on some of the zany action, as there are still 3 legs left coming up this Thursday [...]

2013 Tour de Goose: C’est une blaste!

This year marks the thirty-thirst anniversary of The Tour de Goose, Team Red Lizard’s irreverent tribute to that Francophile bike race with the similar name. OK, I made up the part about the anniversary (and “thirty-thirst” is not a real word, not even in French). But as long as I have been a Lizard, The [...]

Summer fun, TRL style: Summer Series and Tour de Goose

This past month saw the conclusion of two of my favorite Lizard events, the Summer Race Series and the Tour de Goose. Both involve competition, points for the taking, constantly evolving standings, and coveted and colorful apparel for the top finishers, but in other respects they are very different. The Summer Series is based on [...]

2012 Tour de Goose – This…is ridiculous

Par Monsieur Jeff Malmquist Psst…Hey reptiles. Ever run around a track wearing an apron and carrying a tray with a glass of wine? Didn’t think so. How about solving puzzles while running with a team through Washington Park. No? Geez, where have you been?! You can do these things and much more at the tenth [...]


Saturday, July 23, 10:30 am Washington Park, Picnic Area C MAP The legend lives on! Once again, Team Red Lizard will be hosting the Goozard Challenge, followed by a potluck barbecue. This event is a team competition over a scavenger hunt type course. Every year is drastically different, and this year Steve and Joe are [...]

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