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Summer Series is Under Way!

For those of you who noticed April being warmer than usual, I am afraid that Team Red Lizard is partly to blame for this aspect of climate change. Picking April races to start the Summer Series… how can the weather help but respond? With the first 3 races of the Summer Series being crammed into [...]

The Making of a Trail Runner

I’m not quite sure WHEN I decided that I love trails much more than I love the flat sure and steady surface of pavement. But I’m pretty sure I know WHY I love trails – the twists, turns, terrain changes, and scenery – all of which take one’s mind off the time or distance you [...]

Fall Trail Running

By Susan Barth Now that summer is over and fall is settling in, it is time to plan for some good group trail runs. All paces are welcome. The more people that come, the more group options we have. So recruit a friend and come enjoy a day on a beautiful trail with friends. As [...]

Lizards Make a Big Presence at Orcas Island Run

On the weekend of February 5th a large group of Red Lizards headed up to Washington’s San Juan Islands to compete in the Orcas Island 25/50K. In all there were eleven of us – nine in a BIG 5 bedroom house and 2 in a smaller cabin in the funky resort of Doe Bay just [...]

Stub Stewart Trail – Adventures in Mud

For some people, the Coast Range in February is the epitome of mud. But based on a couple weeks of beautiful dry mid-winter weather, who would imagine that trails could still be so muddy? I suppose it doesn’t help matters when clay soils are combined with lots of horse created potholes and then filled with [...]

Klickitat River Run Recap

Flooding was in the the forecast, but that didn’t keep 18 hearty Lizards from making a trek to the Gorge for a trail run. The Klickitat River Trail is a rails-to-trails project following the wild and scenic Klickitat River. With the amount of water raging down the river, I would say it was less scenic [...]

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