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Team Red Lizard social media sites, including but not limited to the Message Board, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are moderated sites. Although the admin team respects the free exchange of ideas between members and non-members on the board, it also reserves the right to edit or delete posts when it deems appropriate. Such occasions might include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • excessively commercial posts, irrelevant mass mailings, and other material in the “spam” category;
  • duplicate or repetitive posts;
  • copyright violations;
  • personal attacks;
  • breaches of confidence;
  • material that singles out and/or demeans groups or individuals based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, political affiliation, or other personal characteristics;
  • material designed to provoke flame wars and the responses generated by such material;
  • material that is perceived by reasonable standards to be sexually explicit, obscene, or vulgar.

The admin team may also, at its discretion, edit or delete posts that adhere to the letter but violate the spirit of these guidelines.

The club and the admin team value the open and spontaneous nature of posted public dialogue, and will use their power to edit and delete sparingly. They do not offer a guarantee that every post will be inoffensive to everyone who reads it. They do, however, recognize that social media sites represent the public face of the club and should offer a welcoming and appropriate atmosphere.

Unless specifically stated by a current board member, posted messages do not represent the view or opinion of the club, board of directors, or admin team. 

When admin team members perceive a problem with a post or a concern about a post is conveyed to them, they may at their discretion hide the post from public view while selecting a course of action. Normally, the first choice of action will be for the admin team to contact the poster and ask him or her to edit or delete the post. If a mutually agreeable outcome cannot be achieved in that manner, the admin team may itself edit or delete the post and/or its title. Spam may, of course, be deleted immediately, with the spammer blocked from making future posts. When any question or ambiguity exists as to the appropriate course of action, such decisions will require the concurrence of at least two admin members. Any admin decision may be appealed to the TRL President, who will have final authority to resolve such disputes.

Posters who repeatedly violate these rules may be denied access to any or all TRL social media sites.