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TRL Member Spotlight: Zach Steele

1. How long have you been running and why did you start running? I started running T&F back in middle school, but it was one of many sports I did. I competed in cross country, T&F, soccer, and basketball through HS, then focused on running competitively in college at Corban University. I was drawn to [...]

TRL Member Spotlight – Crystal Query

1. How long have you been running and why did you start running? I started running track when I was around 7 years old. I ran cross country in high school and then mostly ran for fun until my late 30s when I started training to run a faster marathon. My mom ran more than [...]

TRL Member Spotlight – Matt Book

Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Pre-Check for Runners by Rick Lovett

A couple of weeks ago, USADA invited me to take a continuing education session on doping control for masters athletes. Given the success of TRL in masters championships and the fact that USADA has developed a new, inexpensive blood testing protocol expected to vastly expand the number of athletes of all ages subjected to testing [...]

2022 Special Olympics

Dear Lizard Nation: July 30 is fast approaching and we need your energy and enthusiasm. As a reminder, this is the largest SOOR regional track meet in Oregon and TRL’s 17th year partnering and coordinating with Special Olympics Oregon (SOOR). It has attracted up to 350 athletes in the past and is the stepping stone [...]

What I Did on My Christmas Vacation (and what I learned from it) By Rick Lovett

“What I did on vacation” is something you’d think every grade school kid had to write about someday. But if I ever did, I can’t remember it. So how could I resist assigning the topic to myself? What I did (some of it in October and November) was 60+ hours of online videos, quizzes, and [...]

Portland Lizards Migrate to Sacramento

California International Marathon 2021 By Janne Heinonen and Rohit Grover In early December, over 30 runners — Lizards and their human friends — from the Portland area ran the California International Marathon. The marathon, of course, involves much more than 26.2 miles of racing. This community was part of every step of the CIM marathon [...]

Why I ran for the TRL Board – and why you should, too! By Janne Heinonen

Four years ago, I was walking to my car, elated from the last Stumptown cross country race, contemplating the season and how much it meant to race with the Lizards. A teammate approached, suggesting that I consider running for the TRL Board. Over the past year, I had become a regular at Tuesday track workouts [...]

2021 Portland Marathon Pacing

Different Approach for Different Type of Year It wasn’t long ago that in-person events were the norm. Of course, more recently in-person events weren’t happening. As of now, most of you know that the 2021 Portland Marathon is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 3rd. Pacing for the 2021 Portland Marathon is going to include TRL although [...]

200 Half Marathons Run! by Gregg LeBlanc

As 2020 got underway, I was at 190 Half Marathons tracking to achieve my 200th by April. Running a few in early 2020, I got to 196 by Mid-March. We all know what happened next. Covid shut things down for the rest of 2020 and into 2021. Once in-person events resumed in the Spring of [...]

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