Instagram “Running Social” Contest This June

If you aren’t already using Instagram, I’m not going to try to convince you to embrace one more social media platform. But if you are already have an Instagram account and use it for sharing or enjoying photos, Team Red Lizard (@teamredlizard) has a good excuse for you to start posting more frequently – our Running Social contest is happening for the entire month of June.

How it works:

  • If you aren’t already, start following Team Red Lizard on Instagram.Take a photo from your run and post it on Instagram. The photo can be of something you saw on your run, a selfie or groupie of you or your running partner(s), or even a photo of your shoe, watch, apparel, etc. that represents your run.
  • You don’t have to run with your phone – the photo can be taken before or after you finish.  Although photos during the run are always fun.
  • When you post your photo, tag @TeamRedLizard and #TeamRedLizard. We would also love it if you tag @FootTrafficPNW to show them some love.
  • One post a day will earn you a raffle entry for the prizes we will be awarding at the end of the month. More swag may be added, but there are at least 3 pairs of New Balance shoes from Foot Traffic we will be awarding to 3 lucky photo posters.

With 30 days in June, that means every member could have 30 chances to win. So what are you waiting for? Get out for a run and share some image that captures some aspect of your daily outing.

For those social media novices who are trying to figure out the difference between # and @, the simplest explanation is this:

  • The @ symbol tags a specific person or group, which means they will get a notification when you add this. For example, tagging @teamredlizard means that the Team Red Lizard gets a notification when you add this tag to your photo.
  • The hashtag (#) isn’t tied to any single entity, rather it is a way for someone searching for any instance that hashtag has been used to find it. So if you think of these as search terms, these become ways for people interested in a certain topic to find it. For example, there isn’t a Stumptown Cross account, but you will find plenty of photos on Instagram by searching for #stumptowncross

Whether or not you are an Instagram expert, we look forward to seeing your photos from the run, and hooking up some lucky members with some new running shoes!

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