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Purge & Splurge 2022

We have one more holiday group run before we say goodbye to 2022. Purge and Splurge will take place on Saturday, December 31, at 9 am. The run will start at 9am from the Newberry Road end of the Wildwood Trail. Depending on the distance you plan to run, you will meet ahead of time (8:30am) at the end point to carpool to the start.

For those planning on:
~ 30 miles – meet at the parking lot by the Vietnam Memorial (just past the zoo parking lot)
~ 25 miles – meet at Lower MacLeay TH (end of NW Upshur)
~ 21 miles – meet at the 53rd Ave TH
~ 16 miles – meet at Lower Saltzman Rd (off Hwy 30, NOT off Skyline)
~ 11 miles – meet at the upper end of Springville Rd (aka Fire Lane 7/Gas Line)
For more details about the event, including carpooling plans, visit the TRL Fb page.

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