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A Portland, OR area running club offering group runs and workouts, races, and social events.

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2024 Spring Into Summer Series Standings (as of June 15)

With six races down, TRL’s Spring Into Summer Series now has 59 contenders. Next up is the Strava Segment (part of the Thursday Goose Hollow Run, though it can be run on any day) and Bowerman 5k. Details can be found here. Numbers in parentheses are the number of races run, if more than 1.… Read More »Home

TRL Member Spotlight: Michael Haynes

Q: What’s the best running advice you’ve ever received? A: A friend told me that they start marathons with a bottle of drink mix. They use that for a while, drop it, then use the normal water stations. I’ve done that the last couple of races, and it has worked well. I like it because… Read More »Home

TRL Member spotlight: Kolter Grigsby

Editor’s note: For the last several seasons, Kolter (#590 in the photo) has been a mainstay on the Lizard cross-country team and a frequent runner at Duniway Track, where, weather permitting (and sometimes not permitting in the minds of many people), he arrives by bicycle. He doesn’t mention it here, but long-distance bicycle touring is… Read More »Home

TRL Member Spotlight: Sam Lassen

1. How long have you been running and why did you start running? I started running as a kid so that I could be as fast as my two older brothers. In high school, I trained as a hurdler and sprinter with a ferociously competitive team until I broke my leg in an accident. I… Read More »Home

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About The Club

Team Red Lizard (TRL) is a non-profit running club based in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. But running isn’t all we do. Many of our members enjoy other activities such as mountain climbing, backcountry skiing, adventure races, and Ironman competitions, to name a few.

TRL also provides members with opportunities to help others; from working at a local soup kitchen one Saturday each month, to organizing many aspects of the Special Olympics Regional track meet, and leading pace groups for the Portland Marathon. TRL seeks out opportunities to give back to the community.