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Crystal Query

1. How long have you been running and why did you start running? I started running track when I was around 7 years old. I ran cross country in high school and then mostly ran for fun until my late 30s when I started training to run a faster marathon. My mom ran more than 60 marathons throughout my childhood including a sub-3 hour marathon and a win at the Gales Creek Marathon so I had a strong role model.

2. How long have you been part of TRL, and what drew you to the club in the first place? I joined TRL in 2019 after Janne Heinonen reached out to me on Strava. I had been wanting to join a team to run cross country but didn’t know where to start. I am so happy she reached out- being a part of TRL has enriched my running world tremendously!

3. What do you do when you’re not running (job, family, school…whatever it is you’d use to introduce yourself outside of running)? I work as a primary care physician for Providence, have a 12-year-old daughter and a mutt named Wally.

4. What’s your favorite distance/type of run (5K, half-marathon, marathon, ultras, relays, track, trail, etc.)? I’ve really been enjoying the shorter races lately—1 mile, 5 and 10K—you can run hard but if it’s not your day you can still go out and race again fairly soon. I do love relays but can’t handle the two-day relays’ sleep deprivation anymore, and am now a big fan of the one-day relays.

5. Where is your favorite place to run in the greater Portland area? We are so lucky to have so many beautiful neighborhoods it’s hard to choose, but I love running along the waterfront, Terwilliger, and Forest Park when I have extra time to travel. From my house I love running to Rose City golf course.

6. What’s your most memorable running experience (or experiences)? When I was 12, I ran the Hood to Coast Relay and I was running in the dark at 3 am—it was scary and exhilarating. A really kind woman stuck with me the whole time. When it was over, we found out her dad worked in the same practice with my stepdad. It was one of my first experiences with the camaraderie in the running community and the joy of 3 am runs!

7. What’s the best running advice you’ve ever received? I don’t know who told me, but someone once told me to imagine being literally pulled back in the first part of a marathon and sticking to goal pace. My best most consistent marathons I have done that.

8. Tell us one fun fact, hidden talent, or something we don’t know about you, but should? I speak Spanish, I love karaoke (but am a terrible singer), and I may love cheering runners as much as I love running.

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